About Us



We are Paradise Press.

We're an independent press that collaborates with talented NZ creatives making work that deserves to be seen - in homes, in hands, on your walls, desktops bookshelves, wherever.

We work to a slow model where we curate and release exclusive, limited edition collections that will only ever be available once - because, after all, Paradise can't last forever. 

We (two mates - Pat and Bel) founded Paradise after returning home to Aotearoa from years of travelling and finding ourselves with too many blank walls in our flat and nothing beautiful and affordable to fill them.

Our initiative is circular and transparent: artists get paid for their work and we donate 25% of our net income towards The Kindness Institute - an Auckland-based organisation that supports the mental wellbeing of marginalised rangatahi.  

Paradise is part of a slow art initiative, where orders are processed at once at the end of our collection campaign, enabling us to be as thoughtful as possible in our processes.

We work as sustainably and locally as we can, using biodegradable packaging, local businesses and zero waste wherever possible. 

Like what we're putting down? Check out our store and find yourself a slice of Paradise.