Artist Q+A — Bel Williams

Artist Q+A — Bel Williams

Artist Q+A — Bel Williams



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Design, Photography

Tell us a bit about your collection? 

I’ve always just taken photos of things I like. Rocks and the way structures intersect with bodies of water are two things I always come back to. These three photographs are kind of haphazardly pulled from that.  

Why do you create? 

Photography has always been a medium I’ve used to record things in my life. I like the disconnect with film, the delay between taking the photograph and waiting for it to be developed. It always feels like a bit of a lucky dip, sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t. 

What inspires you? 

Mucking around with different materials. At the moment I’m really inspired by landscaping and designing unsymmetrical furniture. 

What frustrates you? 

Things being rushed. Realising you’ve shot a whole film and it didn’t wind on properly. 

How do you get over a creative block? 

A lot of my work is in front of a computer so I find getting messy and doing stuff with my hands to be a really good reset. Giving myself space and time to come back to it. 

Who are 2-3 people whose work is inspiring you at the moment?

Sabine Marcelis, Chaz Bear and Ajay Jennings.

Advice for anyone trying to make it in the creative industries? 

You’re allowed to have breaks and go backwards or sideways.  It doesn’t have to be linear. 

Where can we find more of your work?