Q+A — Paradise Co-founder Patrick Hickley

Q+A — Paradise Co-founder Patrick Hickley

Q+A — Paradise Co-founder Patrick Hickley


Patrick Hickley

Home Base:

Auckland, New Zealand



Graphic Designer & Photographer


Why do you create?

From a young age, I was lucky enough to be encouraged to create and this has stuck with me throughout my life. This means that creatively is closely linked to a personal fulfillment and reciprocation, which in turn feeds more creativity.


What made you set up Paradise Press?

A need for great art at an affordable price. While setting back up in NZ after a good stint overseas, I moved into a flat with bare walls that needed filling. New Zealand has an abundance of creatives who make amazing work but don’t always share it or don’t have the means to print and promote themselves. Paradise Press was born to not only help those artists by giving them a platform to sell their work but also giving those who want unique art a platform to find it.  


What inspires you?

The smell of freshly ground coffee first thing in the morning.


What’s a poignant moment in your creative life?

Been given the task of redeveloping an app that was being developed in China. I quickly learnt the importance of being clear about my design decisions and how to communicate them clearly.


How do you work through a creative block?

Fresh air. Then fresh coffee.

Advice for anyone trying to make it in the creative industries?

Have confidence in the work you create. Begin the creative process without too much critical thinking, let yourself explore. Get the opinion of others. Refine. 


Where can we find more of your work?