Artist Q+A — Nayte Hardaker

Artist Q+A — Nayte Hardaker

Artist Q+A — Nayte Hardaker


Nayte Hardaker

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Tell us a bit about your collection? 

For me, these photos represent freedom and an escape from the day to day.  They are all taken on different vacations spent with different people and are interlaced with those memories.

Why do you create? 

My stuff is all diaristic. I create so I don’t forget. If I’m lucky, some of the things I capture will be important memories for those involved.

What inspires you? 

Study, friends, family and probably Instagram. 

What frustrates you? 

Colonisation, fascism, sexism and capitalism. 

How do you get over a creative block? 

Go out with the intention to take photographs. Look for what you can capture where you are, that can’t be captured elsewhere. If you can’t manage that right now, try to recreate and reinterpret something you’ve been inspired by.

Who are 2-3 people whose work is inspiring you at the moment?

@hollywalker,, @sicknethi, @internetfamous.

Advice for anyone trying to make it in the creative industries? 

To me, making it is having fun and doing right by the people in my community. If they like how I am capturing and representing them, I’m happy.

Where can we find more of your work?