Artist Q+A ⁠— Clare Callaghan

Artist Q+A ⁠— Clare Callaghan

Artist Q+A ⁠— Clare Callaghan


Clare Callaghan


Home Base: 






Tell us a bit about your collection: 

My work has always been reflective of what I’ve been going through at the time and where I am in life.  


Why do you create: 

I feel like expressing yourself - whether it is through photography, drawing, writing or poetry is one of the most important things in life. I recently went to a book launch and the poet was describing how years ago when she was going through a hard time, she questioned whether she should be writing about these depressing times in her life. She then thought ‘what the fuck is the point of it all if I don’t write about it?!’ I thought that was great.


What inspires you?: 

Feminism, open minded people, friendships, relationships.


What frustrates you?: 

When the arts sector doesn't get the support they deserve. Racism, sexism, economic inequality.


How do you get over a creative block?: 

A couple of wines. Chatting through ideas with friends and colleagues.


Who are 2-3 people whose work inspires you at the moment?: 

Rinko Kawauchi has always been one of my favourites. Alec Soth’s book Niagara. Kate Camp’s new book How to Be Happy Though Human – even the title alone is great.


Advice for anyone trying to make it in the creative industries: 

If you want something enough and believe you can get there, you will. Surround yourself with the right people that inspire and support you.