Photo taken by Elizabeth Martindale

Artist Q+A ⁠— Chris Brown

Photo taken by Elizabeth Martindale


Chris Brown

Home Base:

Te Whanganui a Tara, Aotearoa 





Tell us a bit about your collection?

People have been in these places. But not in these images. I guess each of these images tells a story about the people who are no longer in the frame. 


Why do you create?

I take photos because it brings me joy. If others get joy from my images that’s a wonderful perk. It starts with me doing something I enjoy and care about for myself. 


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the many many different ways people shape their lives. There isn’t a rule, and no way is it particularly easy, but people following their gut and living how they please is inspiring to me. 


How do you get over a creative block?

I tend to roll through different activities at different times. As one dies down another picks up: photography, drawing, music. Although I’ve never run hard into a creative block it’s always been enjoyable to have other outlets to move to if it feels right. 


Who are 2-3 people whose work is inspiring you at the moment?

I’m very lucky to live with some wonderfully creative and inspiring individuals: 

Geo Gregory (IG: geo_knits_slow): Makes knitwear that puts smiles on faces
Avara Moody (IG: avarastudio): Makes calm and thoughtful jewellery and objects that are just right
Archie Fitzgerald (IG: archie.fitzgerald): Will knock your socks off  

Advice for anyone trying to make it in the creative industries?

No. I like taking photos but I wouldn’t back any advice I’d give out on how to make it in the creative industries :) 


Where can we find more of your work?



Portrait of Chris shot by Elizabeth Martindale