Artist Q+A — Chippy

Artist Q+A — Chippy

Artist Q+A — Chippy


Chris Hutchinson aka Chippy.

Home Base: 

Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.

Tell us a bit about your collection? 

Usually my designs are super intricate and heavily focused on linework illustration and that’s something I wanted to step away from for this collection.

My intention was to create a series of works that were quite bold, bright and graphic and would stand out nicely as a framed print on the wall.

My process was to create a whole set of these flower/ghost characters which I mixed and overlapped in a myriad of combinations until I found a set of three compositions that can each work as stand-alone pieces yet still operate as a set of three.


Illustration/graphic design/printmaker.

Why do you create?

I get a lot of joy out of creating characters and applying colour and pattern to everything that I can - it’s just intuitive. My personal drawings are almost a form of meditation to me, I really enjoy zoning out and getting lost in my linework illustrations.

What inspires you?

Embroidered pattern pants. Fruit stickers. Googly eyes. 

What frustrates you?

Rainbow wheel of death.

How do you get over a creative block?

Stepping away from the studio and going for a long walk or a swim usually helps.

Who are 2-3 people whose work is inspiring you at the moment?

Chaz Bear! Keith Haring! Yayoi Kusama! + many more.

Advice for anyone trying to make it in the creative industries?

Show your creations to friends and family, share your work online and show up to exhibitions, markets and opening events and get familiar with your local scene! It’s also a marathon and not a sprint, so take it easy on yourself. Mistakes will be made and that’s how you learn!

Where can we find more of your work?